Thursday, January 31, 2008

Lost Season 4 (i think?) opener Recap

Car chase in La. A vintage early 70's camaro being chased by cops. Now it's on a TV newscast in an apartment. Someone in the apartment is watching and making a screwdriver. It's Jack. He sees the TV report and when they mention the make and model of the car, he says "damn it!"

Cut back to the chase. The car crashes, cops get out and surround it. Slowly coming out... it's Hurley!!! They slam him up against the wall and he screams, "Stop, don't you know who I am? I'm one of the Oceanic 6."

Commercial time commentary-- Oceanic 6? I guess this means that only 6 of those folks get off the island, and we already know Jack, Kate, and Hurley are 3 of them, right?

Back to show. Hurley's being interrogated. They're showing a convenience store tape of Hurley going crazy and running out of there after seeing SOMETHING in the store. "What did you see in there?" (side note) --The detective is the sniper guy from The Negotiator (Palermo maybe?). Anyway, det. says he knew Ana Lucia, Hurley says he didn't know her.

The detective leaves Hurley alone to watch the tape. On the tv it's a diver underwater coming at the screen, he breaks through the screen, water's pouring into the police dept. The det. comes back in and says, "are you trying to get yourself thrown in the nuthouse, because I can make that happen right now!" Hurley-- "You can, oh thank you, thank you!"

Back to the island- Jack calls Hurley, tells him they're getting rescued. Locke has disappeared after killing the girl with the satellite phone.

Ben tries to convince crazy French lady to take Alex (Ben and Frenchie's daughter) away because he's convinced they people coming to rescue them will kill them.

Cut to Hurley, Bernard, and Jin. Hurley wants to cannonball, so he does. As he's coming out, he's sees Desmond with no Charlie. Desmond tells them the people aren't who they say they are. Hurley is screaming "Where's Charlie!?!?" Desmond tells him, Hurley's in pain.

Back to Jack. The guy on the phone says he needs to change something on the phone to find them, "Put Naomi on" (the girl Locke killed). Jack lies "she's gone for firewood." He looks, and her body is gone. Jack approaches Ben-- all menacingly "where is she?" Ben all coy and cocky "Where's who?"

Commercial time commentary-- so... who wants her body, and how did Ben (tied to a tree) get it moved?

Back to beach with Hurley, Sawyer, Sayid... trying to figure out whether to call Jack with info. Sawyers says yes, Sayid says no, it will give away that they know. Sawyer goes to radio, Hurley grabs it and tosses it into the ocean. Hurley- "we better get going" Sawyer "going where?"

Back to Jack and Danielle, the girl crawled away they figured. Jack splits to track the girl, Kate to lead the rest back to the beach. Ben looks interested on as they hug.

Back to beach, Hurley, Sayid, Juliette, Bernard, Desmond grab guns.

Hurley in the future at the mental institute. He has a visitor, some black guy we've never seen before. He's a lawyer for Oceanic. They feel bad about arrest and incarceration. Wants to give invitation for a better facility. Hurley turns him down, he's suspicious. The guy asks "Are they still alive?" The guy disappears as Hurley yells for help.

Back to island as they trek through the jungle with guns. Sawyer-- "Do you wanna talk about Charlie?" Actually showing some caring?? Hurley falls behind, is searching for everyone else. Appears lost. Oh, ha ha. He stumbles upon Jacob's house, Hurley hears some crazy whispering voices!!! "Uh oh," he says.

Commercial time commentary- I love the crazy Jacob stuff. He's apparently the leader of the others (boss of Ben), but we've never really seen him. Locke heard him say "help me" earlier in season 3, then the house just went crazy like Poltergeist. PS- I really like the song for the new Mac Airbook, but it's starting to wear. It's called "New Soul"-- check it out before you start to hate it form seeing the commercial so many times.

Back to Jack, they girl faked a trail. Jack is with BEn and Danielle (frenchy). Ahh... Ben says Kate took the phone when she hugged Jack.

Cut to Kate, she picks up phone "Who's this? You with Jack? Where's Naomi?" Kate hangs up. Naomi jumps on here from a tree with a knife!!!! Naomi is ticked-- wants the phone, picks up. Guy on phone "What's going on?" Naomi-- "I had an accident, I'm hurt. I hit a tree branch."
Guy-- "we've lost our signal. Can you change the tracking frequency?" She does-- "Clear as a bell, we'll be right there to get you." Naomi- "I'm sorry George, just tell my sister that I love her." She collapses.

Back to Hurley. He goes up to window of Jacob's house, looks in. An eye looks back at him. He runs looking for help, no one's there. He heads back to house chanting, "There's nothign here, nothign here." Oh wait, he falls into pit, Locke is there, "Hello Hugo."

Commercial again??? Some wierd movie called Vantagepoint or something? Has Forrest Whitaker ever looked normal? I like this commerical for the tax refund. Guy eating hot dog-- "buns are an extravagance. I'm trying to save money, bro" as he squirts the ketchup in his mouth. Oh this sucks. There's some sort of "special announcement" from Oceanic Airlines, but we have to watch this crappy new pilot on next called "Eli Stone." Huh, did you know Dennis Miller has a radio show? Yeah, I thought you didn't.

Back to Locke and Hurley. Sitting by fire, Locke being nice-- "Why were you separated form the group? What happened with Charlie in that station?" Locke is playing to Hurley-- "if we can't talk these people out of coming, then Charlie died for nothing." Hurley catches back up with group. Locke shows up a little after. Sayid is pissed, guns get drawn. It's the rest of the group heading back to the beach with Sun leading them. Hugs, etc. Uh-oh, Claire is about to figure out that Charlie is not there. She sees it in Hurley's face as he comes up to tell her. She doesn't believe it (do they ever). Touching moment, a little teary-eyed.

Flash forward to Hurley at mental place. Painting a picture of igloo. Other patient says there's a guy staring at you--- it's Charlie!!!! Oh, it was Charlie that he saw in the convenience store. Charlie says "I am dead, but I'm also here." Hurely- "prove it." He slaps Hurely. Proof positive.
Charlie wants Hurley to do something, and Hurley already knows what it is. Charlie- "They need you, they need you Hugo. You know they need you.

Back to island-- "How did it happen?," asks Claire. "He was trying to help us."

Jack appears with Ben and Danielle and hits Locke from behind, grabbing his gun. Locke- "You're going to shoot me Jack." Click, Click. Locke- "It's not loaded."

Commercial-- okay, not related but wierd. My neighbors appear to be moving out at 9 pm on a Thursday in the freezing cold snowstorm? Ok, maybe it's the repo man, because that huge black dude does not live in that house, and I don't know any movers working at 9 pm.

Locke- "All I have ever done, has been in the best interest of all of us." Locke thinks the people coming to rescue are no good. He's going to the barracks, "come with me if you want to live." Jack's pissed. Hurley makes impassioned plea that Charlie's last act was to warn us, we must listen to him. Hurley "I'm not listening to you (Jack), I'm listening to my friend. I'm listening to Charlie." I love Hurley so much!! You'd hope your friends would listen if you spent your dying breath trying to tell them something!

The group splits up deciding to go with Locke, or stay with Jack. Sawyer is going with Locke. Kate's upset (but in a sexy pouty way). Thunderclap, pouring rain. Locke- "you know where to find us, when you change your mind." Hurley is the last to follow Locke.

Back to Hurley in the future... He's shooting hoops when Jack comes in to see him. Jack looks pretty good, this must be before the whole suicide attempt. Just to let us know this is true, he says "I'm thinking about growing a beard." Hurley-- "I'm sorry. I'm sorry I went with Locke. I should have stayed with you. I don't think we did the right thing. I think he wants us to come back." Jack shouting "We're never going back!" Hurley-- "Never say never, dude."

Back to island, Jack and Kate chatting. Helicopter sounds. Searchlights and a parachuter is out of the copter. Jack and Kate race to get there. Some bearded dude asks "Are you Jack?"

Next week clips: I was going to try recap the preview, but they pretty much showed nada. Ah well.


Stacie said...

I'm a little confused. Maybe I should go rent Season 3. You forgot to include a personal review of the episode. Next blog material mayhaps?

Anonymous said...

Eric, this is Barney Stinson here just checking out your blog. It's almost as cool as mine.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear.. Finding your blog in 2010.. Possibly? Erm.. Anyway. Quite a recap you have here, sir. I did watch Lost seasons 1-3 and then kind of fell out of the loop.. I positively adored the suspense. And Hurley.. He's pretty cool.. However, this recap has piqued my curiousity and now I think I shall have to look into season four.. Once I watch season three again.. For I don't really remember much.

But, anyway.. Just letting you know. (I'm not sure why.. I'm bored..?)

Tankers for the recap