Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Okay, so I haven't written here in 9 months-- what could have happened in that amount of time? Well, this blog is going to change a bit. I've started to enjoy writing more just as an outlet for schtuff. I didn't say it's improved, so don't expect much- I just like it more. So, I guess I will actually just be talking about anything that strikes me.

Also, Concordia University's lack of quality professors has inspired me, nay, forced me to write.

You're visiting your great grandmother. It's her birthday, and a few of the family have gathered

to visit. She begins to regale you with tales from the olden days. Oh, she repeats herself a few dozen times, mistaking names and places the third and fourth times through; but... she's earnest and excited to be talking to somebody, anybody. Sometimes she's looking into your eyes, sometimes into the eyes of friends and family members past.

Now, put your great grandmother in front of a classroom and you can picture my last four Tuesday nights. What's that? Hyperbole you say? I wish I could agree. Fortunately, our class knows how to entertain itself by this point.


A word about baseball- Yes, I'm jealous. Is THAT what you wanna hear Cubs fans? I wish my team had a larger following. I wish my team had a sweet neighborhood where the game is as fun in the bars as in the park. I wish my team were national darlings instead of the dark horse.

However, I will STILL take the White Sox every day and twice on Sunday. To you, Guillen is a nut job. To me, he's an eccentric genius. To you, Pierzynski is a dirty player. To me, he is a heads-up baseball player. Okay, we can both agree he's kind of a jerk personally. The point is, please don't tell me the Cubs are better, because I will never believe it. Just as you will not believe the Sox are better.

Here's the problem, since there are more of you (and plenty that come out of the woodwork when the Cubs are actually playing well), I never hear the end of it. From now on, include baseball allegiances along with religion and politics as items that are off the table in polite small talk.


Anonymous said...

Where's your review of Velvet Elvis?

Eric said...

I'm taking as long as a certain reforganic blogger to finish that up.

But if you mean like an actual velvet Elvis painting? Then the review is two words: awe-some.