Friday, September 26, 2008

That's debatable...

What if the first question in the debate was "Which kind of bear is best?" That would be great. Of course, the only answer would be "false, black bear." That would determine the presidency. There, done. *wipes hands*

Anyhow, this may be a sign of adulthood (or nerdiness), but I'm actually pretty interested in the debate this evening. I've watched many in the past, but they never had the same hook for me. Of course, it doesn't hurt that the Sox are losing again so I have to avoid that channel no matter what!

So here are my humble musings on what I've seen so far:

NAIVETE-- This might just be my personality, but if someone called me naive or inexperienced this many times, I would be naively punching them in the face. Seriously, disagree with each other, but that tactic (yes I know the difference between tactic and strategy) is tiiiiirrrred.

SOMETHING IN YOUR EYE-- Apparently, Jim Lehrer asked this secret question as a precursor to the debate--"Mr. McCain, as president, how many times do you think you could blink in one minute?" McCain then proceeded to break his own personal record a number of times.

BAM! ZING! P.O.W!-- I gotta give props to McCain for only mentioning this once that I can recall. Obviously, the guy deserves our respect for his service, and I'm glad he focused (mostly) on the issues.

NOBAMA-- I think it's important to remember that in reality, these guys are going to get a ton of help from their advisers. That being said, I was surprised how well Obama knew his stuff. Obviously, he's a smart guy, but McCain really does have a huge amount of experience over Obama. However, I felt like his 30+ years experience didn't really show themselves as much as they could/should have.

HUH?-- Did I hear this correctly? McCain said something about North Koreans being on average 3 inches taller than South Koreans? What? I mean, me and the people that read this blog are brilliant, so we can clearly make the connection of average Korean height to possible presidency, but what about Joey Bagodonuts on the street? Is he going to be able to connect
those dots?

UN(es)-- Where were the questions about current video game consoles, games, sales, and brand allegiance? I suppose in order to win, they would both have to back the Wii. But what if Obama gave out his Gamertag, and McCain pulled up his sleeve and showed off his FFVII tatoo? Would a president who games be respected by anyone? I'm pretty sure I know the answer, but I don't like it.

TRIVIAL PURSUIT-- Those of you who know me, know that I love trivia of all sorts. I have an affinity (and a knack if I must say so) for remembering things that nobody should (or does) care about. However, I think I must Palin comparison (sorry!) to these two candidates. I'm sure there's some buzzkill online right now listing all of their errors but I think it's still pretty amazing the kind of statistics and facts they can pull out of their biznass.

WRAP-UP-- My opinion was unchanged. I think it was kind of a draw, but how do you objectively grade these things anyway? Oh, here's how: McCain-- B, Obama-- B+. I give Obama a slight edge for his words on foreign policy which McCain call naive, and I call different from the status quo-- something we may need.


Elizabeth said...

different from the status quo equals change=Obamba (which I already knew you were going to vote for him). Get ready for the pounding of "Change" when he changes his running mate in October! See you soon.

Vanilla Ice said...

We are in a sad place when a candidate for pres can impress people because he knew something about some of the issues when most people did not expect him to. Obama is a smart guy, no doubt about it, however the fact that he may have some ideas about the issues should not impress anybody. Why? Well knowing the issues is par for the course when it comes to running for pres. The difference between Obama and McCain is that (and I am not excited about either of them) McCain has accomplishments to run on wheather good or bad while Obama has done absolutely nothing to speak of except pass out flier on the streets of Chicago or whatever it means to be a community organizer. The reality is Obama is a socialist through and through and has some VERY shady personal friendships which speaks poorly for his judgment. The thing I truly hate about him though is his view on abortion - he believes infanticide is ok and actually advocated for it in the IL senate. The best thing McCain has going for him is Palin. She rocks!